Talking comes first. As little dumb baby idiot things we learn how to use these symbolic representations of information with our gross, wet word holes. Mostly so we can fill them with food or small choking hazards but sometimes to express thoughts and opinions on matters great and small. Somewhere between learning to make noise […]

Telling a Story


Making something up is really, really easy. Telling a story is really, really hard. “Why must it be so?!” You interrobang-cry at the internet with both fists shaking angrily at your indifferent ceiling. Well, I don’t know you but I’m willing to bet it’s that you aren’t telling your story.

Smoking: Wizened Teacher


Being a productive person reminds me of the years I spent smoking. Growing the habit from stolen moments here and there to making excuses to run off whenever I could and light one up. Do you smoke? Probably not. Good. Congratulations, even. You’re making a subtle difference in the overall health of the world! Oh, […]