Annotated Bibliography Fiction

Aaronson, Adam A. A homestead Primer. Self-Published. Maine: Portland, 1889. Print. An interesting late 19th century work detailing many of the little tasks that, to our modern sensibilities, are intrinsic to transforming a house into a home. The author discusses many of the less-than-trivial tasks that have become mundane to us, such as managing finances, […]


I bought the place on something between whim and dare. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms, an upstairs, downstairs, basement, attic, kitchen and all the other pieces that made it a house. Not a home, but maybe in time it could invite with open arms the sort of family I never had. The space was tangible, […]

Cold Flowers

Cole sat cross-legged by the fire he had built out of his dead friends. Warming himself with a full belly and staring into nothing, not so much as a spark of humanity left inside him. Growing all around him were terrific blue flowers shot through with red veins. Broad petals, almost an orchid, seemed still […]

Dancing for Mozart

Eight years. Eight years since the last time I had Watched her from across that lane, the formative place of my twenties. It was hard to say how I felt; nothing was ever simple with her, in the end. I remember sitting on my old green chair, worn from years of use and watching her […]

Two Lines & B-Sides

Within you without you We were talking about the space between us all A-me-ri-ca the love nest Town without pity The charmer Misfit Kid I dream frequently sometimes they come out funny, I go through insanity all they want is money James Dean Money, get away Echoes Interstellar Overdrive, A Saucerful of Secrets You Make […]