School Vs. Reality

It’s been about a year since school effectively ended for me and, like a chump, I entered the professional world of being dicked around by unscrupulous real estate developers, advertising firms, and shady businesses. How’s that been for me? I’m glad you asked.

Blogging 1 : Tiny Homes

The following blog entry was ghostwritten for an online store at the request of the on-staff graphic designer. She supplied me with some source articles that she felt were a good tone, and I wrote to her style decisions. The post was very well-received; Samantha Gambling herself was impressed with the post.   Home. For […]

Corralling the Horses

How much is too much? Trying to figure out what’s an appropriate¬†workload is difficult at the best of times, and only made more problematic by inconsistent scheduling on the part of clients, limited to no feedback or communication, and being in the unenviable position of last-one-to-hear.

Fall @ SFU

It’s the last push at SFU mountain town, with this last semester to power through before fully immersing myself back into the workforce a wiser, skillful worker of words. There are two major hurdles to overcome: a lot of technically-minded papers on revision and rhetoric, and the terrifying attempt at finding meaningful work in an […]

Addiction and Anxiety

It hasn’t been a week and I feel like I’m in withdrawal. I get spikes of intense anxiety and this ache in my hands whenever I wind up with nothing to do for more than five minutes. “Should I check Tumblr? What do I tweeet? Holy shit is Facebook still around?” Around and around, but […]

Mental Static

A large part of my daily habit is dedicated to an intense and ongoing regimen of procrastination through whatever means I can find. It’s gotten so bad that if I wasn’t reading something (kinda) for class, I was on a website absorbing prodigious amounts of useless trivia. I’d be on twitter until I caught up, […]