Two Lines & B-Sides

Within you without you
We were talking about the space between us all
A-me-ri-ca the love nest
Town without pity
The charmer

Misfit Kid
I dream frequently sometimes they come out funny, I go through insanity all they want is money
James Dean Money, get away
Interstellar Overdrive, A Saucerful of Secrets

You Make Loving Fun
Sweet wonderful you, you make me happy with the things you do
Go to the radio
Hard drivin’ man

I’ve seen the saucers
Tune in, wouldn’t it be something, rumors spreading into panic
President gas
Little Girl

She cuts you once she cuts you twice, but you still believe
I don’t want to be alone
Too rolling stoned

It’s a tuff life
Isn’t it a tuff life? You race your Mercedes Benz through the park after midnight
Can’t stand losing you
When the saints go marching in
Sound and vision

Private eyes
I see you, you see me, watch you blowing the liens when you’re making a scene
Think about me
Bottom to the top
Night people

Saved by the music
When you’re swallowing all your pride, do you need somewhere, a place to hide
There’s a tavern in town
Bird dog

Danny’s all-star joint
Downstairs at Danny’s all-star joint they got a jukebox that goes doyt-doyt
Voices in the sky
Little too late
You and me

Mamunia Mamunia Mamunia, oh oh oh
I don’t want the night to end
I’m gonna get a gun

Ol ‘55
Well, my time went too quickly
Us and them

Down Boys
You were tying to be cute and it didn’t work out
Love’s the last to know
Joy to the world
Whipped Cream

The woman in the moon
I was warned as a child of thirteen not to act strong
Land of make-believe
I’ll do it

Prissy Prissy
I see you watchin’, you are pure delight
Run and run
Only the good die young
Blue jean blues

Say what you will but I’m a stinker, I come crawling up out of my hole
River blindness
Cruisin’ for a love
Tears and Pavan

Karn evil 9
Cold and misty morning, I heard a warning borne in the air
If I were a rich man
Take your children home
You decorated my life

Only for me
Down the end of this barroom, out of sight of the light in the window
Takes a fool to love a fool
The lilac fairy
No words

There’s a brand new dance, but I don’t know its name
Walking in your Shadow
The chain
Farfisa organ

Tell me what you want
When I look in your eyes, I can see there’s more than passion there
Space and first takes
Bo’s beat

All I have to do is dream
When I want you in my arms, and I want you and all your charms
It hurts me
I dreamed last night
Love can run faster

Bottom to the top
Know I’ve been saying there’s something I have to prove
Midnight sun
School is out
Who are you now

I remember standing on the corner at midnight, trying to get my courage up
Rock and roll never forgets
We’ve got tonight
The palace of Versailles

Devoted to you
Darlin’ you can count on me till the sun dries up the sea
Sushi girl
Think about me
Lets make some noise

A matter of pride
Hey baby, you don’t care, you don’t share, you won’t make believe, you won’t tell me things
Talk to ya later
Mr. Hate
Don’t want to wait anymore

The actor
The curtain rises on the scene with someone shouting to be free
Truth hits everybody
Be my girl, Sally
Take it any way you want it

Paint a rumor
what’s it gonna spread, see the place go red
No fear, no hate, no pain, no broken hearts
About to begin
Lady love

Little bit of sympathy
The light is strong and the man is weak and the world walks in between
A light in the black
Sleeping with the television on

Through the long night
the cold hands, the sad eyes
close to the borderline
Half a mile away
Until the night

Stop in Nevada
He always found it hard to take her, she wouldn’t listen to advice
No use in crying
Waiting on a friend
End of the day

Timeless skies
While travelling northwards on a back country lane
Song on the radio
Brave strangers
The famous final scene

Hero and Heroine
Hero’s face was gaunt and tanned, his sail was set in search of land
What do you want
Sleeping Beauty

Round and round
I drew the blade across my wrist to see how it’d feel, looked into the future, there was nothing to reveal
Out in the cold
gonna fly now
Friday let me down

Wild is the wind
Love me, love me, love me, say you do, let me fly away with you
Picasso’s last words (drink to me)
Nineteen hundred and eighty-four
Roll with the punches

It must be Sunday
And I watched the world surround me from inside a phone booth
No show today
Take your children home
Don’t let the sun go down on me

Lay down
By still waters I lay down with the lambs, in pastures green I made peace with my soul
Thank you
Serves you right to suffer
Piss on the wall

Heard it on the X
Do you remember, back in nineteen sixty-six
Beer drinkers and hell raisers
Everybody has a dream
Get it right the first time

Teenage overdose
Lookin’ for a teenage overdose, lookin’ for a good time, ready for a bad time
It don’t matter
Yes I do

Love is hiding in the city, here in all of you
No easy street
Tell it to her
Silent partner

After Hours (twelve bars past goodnight)
All the gang has gone home, standing on the corner, all alone
Crippled crow
Comin’ home

Oh daddy
Oh daddy, you know you make me cry
I’m just a singer in a rock and roll band
Lost in a lost world
Good day in hell

All that you touch
All that you see
Us and them
Let there be more light

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