Winnipeg Tourism Conceptual Advertisement

Choosing the right phrase to promote Winnipeg is difficult. Maybe you’ve been there? If so, you know what I’m talking about. The city is characterized by three things: the cold, the sprawl, and the friendly people. Working with a graphic designer to create tourism materials was hampered by the reputation of the city. We decided to use this image; a famous sculpture in the downtown core. The way the sculpture encircled the building was a beautiful symbol of the potential of the city (thanks to its affordable property) and of the people. There is both the literal room to grow upwards and outwards, and the figurative social growth of a family, of friendships, and the affordability to discover ones self.

“Room to grow” captures the essence of this optimism without relying on tired comparison tropes: “Cold nights / hot opportunities” or “Chill out, stay awhile”. Using the sculpture of human experience ties the growth of the city to the growth of the tree, andboth to the growth of people in the tree. It seems simple, but it’s certainly effective.

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