Applying WordPressure

It wasn’t difficult to settle on a WordPress theme. Voluminous choice doesn’t paralyze, but it does make me feel like a heel for not looking at every available option. People worked on those! Some even look as if a lot of work went into designing them before they were plowed into the hundreds-of-pages-long pit to be forgotten.

My background is writing, so I had to pick something that foregrounded words over pictures, simplicity over complexity. Joke is, I didn’t choose substance over style. Do something well enough, develop yourself in the right direction and substance IS style. How we say something becomes more important than what we’re saying. Just read a newspaper.

The theme I’m using is Hemingway (as of the time of this post) because the design is minimal and the name is a bit of authorial kitsch. I like the clean layout the way someone likes a clean shirt; even if it’s a little silly, a little absurd, you feel fancier when you put it on. People can tell.

Yeah, but it fits really well.
Yeah, but it fits really well.

The downside to a minimalist theme is twofold: you have to actually, you know, make content and there isn’t much to customize to hide how lazy you want to be and not produce work at all. Except post GIS’d filthy shirts and be mildly funny. And call watching television ‘research’.