Segment 1

PART 2 The Sleeping Eye and pressed tightly into her hands; she gave willingly like cool, liquid glass. Inwards, falling blossoms at the end of spring and a rising tick-tick-tick spun wrong way ’round as the needle dropped. She swallowed the darkness, folding up; overcast dawn grey at the first sign of rain. Hands and… Continue reading Segment 1

Three Tall

Loosely inspired by ‘A Thousand Years of Dreams’ written by Kiyoshi Shigematsu and translated into English by Jay Rubin of Harvard University.   Juul had lived his life as well as a man born to wealth could. A predisposition to the musical sciences had been a blessing that earned him respect as a young man… Continue reading Three Tall

Mental Static

A large part of my daily habit is dedicated to an intense and ongoing regimen of procrastination through whatever means I can find. It’s gotten so bad that if I wasn’t reading something (kinda) for class, I was on a website absorbing prodigious amounts of useless trivia. I’d be on twitter until I caught up,… Continue reading Mental Static


Unfortunately, sarcastic Voice-acting won't be invented for another ten years.

Nathan Drake! Atari 2800! Mild-to-moderate Photoshop! Uncharted is a game I never expected to like, but grew on me like a bad habit. Someday it’s going to be a retro game and future niche gaming nerds will pop it into some emulator and wonder why we ever thought crap dialogue like that was good. There… Continue reading Remix


I don’t hate writers of fanfiction or fanfic itself, but I think you’re terrible if you call yourself a writer and all you produce is fanfic.

Gory Details

I’ve been stuck in a rut with an uninteresting essay on one side and a time-wasting pamphlet exercise on the other. Since I can’t work up the energy to tackle either of these, I can’t seem to get a footing for a blog post, either.  The essence of the problem is choice.