Off the Top

Let’s start with the obvious: I’m a private person.

I don’t put myself ‘out there’ for ‘them’ often, or at all. I don’t engage with the audience implicit with a social media presence or use Facebook for much more than keeping in touch with a few individuals and my family. I don’t tweet everything I think about, I don’t tumblr rebleb every opinion I have or share. It isn’t because I find these activities difficult because they definitely aren’t. I make a conscious effort not to contribute noise to an already loud environment as a way of making sure that what I have to say, what I WANT to say, has useful content and is, in some way, meaningful to me. Sharing a painting on Tumblr, retweeting something particularly clever or funny, posting a recipe for my parents on Facebook; I find that less is more.

A personal blog forces me to reconsider this less is more approach to personal publication. Reading here is a voluntary act and allows me the freedom to say as much or as little as I like, so long as I can justify the expense in time and thought to myself rather than some other-sensory perception of social noise in the environment. But this doesn’t suggest a shift in my sense of personal privacy; rather, this constitutes a clear delineation between what I allow to be public and what I hold back as something personal and therefore, too valuable to be exchanged for cheap attention.

With this in mind, the expectation should be for a more thoughtful examination of far more interesting things. And at least one butt joke.


By Mainebot

Old, bitter man made better only by little bits of oil-like language made languid; buy a letter, even a vowel, loose a low arrow always aimed at voluminous alliterated love.