Online Disinhibition Effect

Using more wordswordswords in the flavour of academia than you know what to do with!

Reading through this article reminded me of a similar theory published the same year which illuminates the main point succinctly. Many of the sentiments expressed (It’s all in my head, you don’t know me, it’s all a game) don’t really explain poor behavior on the internet, just how people behave poorly. Solipsistic fantasy makes for internet assholes? These same susceptible individuals would get this material to feed their fantasies offline from books and magazines, serialized television, movies and newspapers.  Millions of people play World of Warcraft and many of those people play on RP (roleplaying) servers, without succumbing to internet shittiness.

It seems more likely, to me, that awful internet behavior isn’t caused by a lack of present authority or social obsession. Paring back a lot of academic fluff leaves me seeing trolls who like to cause trouble, people predisposed to mental illness, and poor manners. If you don’t read the comments a lot of this awfulness evaporates from sight.

By Mainebot

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