Serafin Alvarez

I like art. I like the idea of creative expression as ways of communicating a message, inspiring, offending, challenging, or just being beautiful. I like art on post-it notes, canvasses, carpets, woven cables; whatever. I like graffiti quite a bit.

A few months ago I was kicking around Tumblr instead of working and found a digital project made by Serafin Alvarez called Maze Walkthrough; a Lynchian nightmare maze of famous hallways from movies, recreated in a spiraling labyrinth. If you have a few minutes free I highly recommend getting lost and unsettled in there.

By Mainebot

Old, bitter man made better only by little bits of oil-like language made languid; buy a letter, even a vowel, loose a low arrow always aimed at voluminous alliterated love.