Unfortunately, sarcastic Voice-acting won't be invented for another ten years.

Nathan Drake! Atari 2800! Mild-to-moderate Photoshop! Uncharted is a game I never expected to like, but grew on me like a bad habit. Someday it’s going to be a retro game and future niche gaming nerds will pop it into some emulator and wonder why we ever thought crap dialogue like that was good. There… Continue reading Remix

Serafin Alvarez

I like art. I like the idea of creative expression as ways of communicating a message, inspiring, offending, challenging, or just being beautiful. I like art on post-it notes, canvasses, carpets, woven cables; whatever. I like graffiti quite a bit. A few months ago I was kicking around Tumblr instead of working and found a… Continue reading Serafin Alvarez