I don’t hate writers of fanfiction or fanfic itself, but I think you’re terrible if you call yourself a writer and all you produce is fanfic.

Don’t think I want you to stop writing it, though! I’m glad someone is, and I’m glad someone must be reading it even if that is never, ever me. I love it when people do word stuff and it approximates writing but writing fanfiction doesn’t make you a writer in some broader sense. They aren’t your characters, it isn’t your world, the conventions are already established for you, and you’re doing is playing with someone else’s toys. And that’s ok, because it’s practice, and practice makes you stronger when you finally decide you want to actually write your own material.

Going to the gym doesn’t make you an athlete, but it makes you stronger and helps when you want to finally compete. Writing fanfic is like that, but way more nerdy.

Full disclosure: I wrote Terminator 2: Judgement Day fanfic in the 4th grade where I traveled to the future and fought T-800s before going back to the present and feeling all cool for time travel and helping stop Skynet. So uh…

look, I’m trying to be supportive, but you’re making it really difficult. Don’t look at me like that!


I signed up for Wattpad and don’t regret it. First thing I did was sync my keyboard to my phone, installed the app and started planning out a story to publish in serial chunks. Know what it’s like? Tumblr without any of the other shit going on. Want to write slowly? Here is where you can do it. Hashtag it, people might subscribe. Instant feedback is nice, as long as you know how to tell what criticism is constructive and what’s just noise. Know what? Ignore all of it and just do what you want, as long as it isn’t fanfic.

By Mainebot

Old, bitter man made better only by little bits of oil-like language made languid; buy a letter, even a vowel, loose a low arrow always aimed at voluminous alliterated love.